I have appointed a new teacher,Hara Kyriazi,to take the Monday classes and am pleased to be able to offer two new classes.

Contemporary Ballet

A class that focuses on strengthening, improvisation and basic elements of Contemporary dance such as alignment, weight, succession, isolation, gravity, suspension, drop-rebound etc.Each class starts with warm up and strengthening exercises for every muscle, small combinations in different levels, combinations across the floor and at the end choreography which is a combination of the previous movements. Together we will discover the basic equation of dance: Logic + Creativity + Fantasy + Musicality + Emotion = DANCE.

This class would be suitable for those who are working at Grades 6 and above or Intermediate level.

Body Conditioning

This class combines floor and barre work with elements from Pilates that will hep you build long, lean muscles and elongate the limbs while improving your flexibility and posture. Literally a body lifting exercise that will help you gain a dancer’s body, suitable for all levels. No prior ballet experience is required.

Class Details

These new classes are being offered on a pay as you go basis and will be charged at £10 per class or you can pay for the complete term at £75 saving 25% on the pay as you go prices. If you would like to give the classes a go please Contact Me